Deep Black is available for Playstation 3 (PSN)

We’ve got great news: we’ve finished Deep Black –a third-person shooter where you can fight both underwater and on land!
The game will be released on August 21st for PS3, and both single-player missions and 5 multiplayer maps will be available.
So what’s the game about?

We are sure all of you, arcade gameplay fans, will love the game! Yup, it’s an arcade shooter in various environments for those who like having many firearms cartridges and enemies. We’ve tried to make it dynamic with beautiful weapons and cruel enemies. But don’t you try to go bald-headed even though it’s an arcade shooter! Sometimes you’ll have to think.

So go ahead, call your friends! The multiplayer mode has it all: five special maps, fast speed, and classical modes Deathmatch and Team deathmatch, underwater boosts, special shields and hyper speed.

All this we’ve done for Playstation 3 fans! Enjoy it!